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Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Activities to do at home

Awesome activities you can do with your little ones if you find yourselves having to stay at home over the next few weeks-


  • Fill a tray with rice - add scoops and cups for tipping and pouring fun or diggers if you have any!
  •  Build a den - blankets, sheets and pegs are all you need.
  • Torches - turn all the lights off, shut the curtains and pull spooky faces.
  • Colour Baths - go around the house on a colour hunt and then add all of the things that can get wet into the bath (or a basket) to explore them/help your child learnt their colours.
  • Car Washing - wash your actual car together, or set up a tray of bubbly warm water with a towel and let your little one wash their toy cars. Add old brushes and sponges.
  • Make play dough - see the link shared in comments!
  •  Pasta play - use real pans and kitchen utensils to mix, scoop and transport dried pasta.
  • Stickers on the wall - put up a big sheet of paper (with numbers, shapes, your child's name or anything relevant written on it) and give your child a packet of dot stickers to stick/trace over the markings.
  • Pipettes with food colouring onto a slice of white bread or a piece of kitchen paper.
  • Shadow puppets - white sheets and a torch, I’ll say no more.
  • Washi tape (could use masking tape) on the floor - think shapes, hot scotch, numbers or letters - can you stand on the hexagon? Can you add your beads to the triangle?
  • Mirror play - if you have a safe full length mirror that you can lie down on the floor add glass ornamental beads/shells or pebbles to make patterns/pictures with.
  • Making faces - using plates, paper plates or mats provide your child with different food stuffs or materials they can use to make silly faces. Challenge them to make different feelings/emotions.
  • Muddy animal wash - a bit messy this one but really fun. Cocoa powder, water and flour combined to make 'mud' and a bowl of warm soapy water for them to wash their animals in. Farm animals and dinosaurs work well!
  • Making galaxy bottles/sensory bottles - add baby oil (or vegetable oil), food colouring and anything else you desire to an old plastic bottle. Glue the top down if possible and shake! Recipe to follow.
  • Choose your child’s favourite book and see what activities they come up with based on the story e.g. Owl babies - nest making.
  • Watercolour painting - if you are lucky enough to have these they provide endless fun. Pre-mixed block watercolours and the correct paper makes all the difference. Watercolour block trays can be picked up for about £3 from your local stationary shop.
  • Chalk pens on the window - if you’re not too precious about the walls surrounding them!

If you have ANY outside space no matter how small:


  • Chalking
  • Squirty bottle filled with water
  • Bowl of water with an old paintbrush - you can add very diluted paint but just water alone provides endless fun!
  • Sticky back plastic/tape strip on the window - add little treasures to it.
  • bubble blowing
  • Colour hunt in the garden using leaves, flowers or mud.
  • Make stick man/ a character using twigs and leaves from the garden.
  • Take about a sheet of foil and press it onto different surfaces (a bit like wax crayon rubbing).
  • Andrew Goldsworthy art - google him!
Healey School home page



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